After a necessary COVID-19 hiatus, Imagine Westmount 2040 is adapting and starting up again! The objective of the project is a complete review of the City’s urban master plan using a broad public participation process.

Westmount Mayor Christina M. Smith states that “Covid-19 may have changed the way we see the City, and it is now even more important for citizens to get involved. Despite the delay, the goal of Imagine Westmount 2040 remains a clear and collective vision for the City’s land use planning. The revision of the Master Plan is a priority.”

Due to health concerns, the fall 2020 consultation activities will be held online using the Engage Westmount platform. The possibility of holding face-to-face activities will be assessed after the holidays, based on public health recommendations. The process will also be extended into 2022 to allow for a break during the November 2021 municipal elections. A full schedule of activities will be presented in the coming weeks.

The Imagine Westmount 2040 team is proud to announce a webinar with world-renowned urban planner Larry Beasley on October 1st, 2020, from 12 to 1 p.m. The event will focus on sustainable urban planning in the aftermath of the pandemic and will be broadcast free of charge on the Engage Westmount platform. Citizens will have the opportunity to interact with Mr. Beasley live following the presentation.

The revision of the Master Plan is an opportunity to reflect collectively on the future of your city. What vision do you have for Westmount in 2040? The floor is yours!

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