Several journalists and over a hundred residents attended the launch of IMAGINE WESTMOUNT 2040, the City’s Urban Master Plan revision project.

Mayor Christina M. Smith said she was pleased with the evening: “Through this process, we really want to ensure that the future of Westmount belongs to the community. It’s off to a good start and we will continue to engage citizens in many different ways so that everyone has the chance to contribute to the future of their City.”

During the January 29, 2020 event, visitors were able to learn more about the citizen participation process proposed by the City of Westmount. Mayor Christina M. Smith, several elected officials, City professionals and consultants were on hand to answer questions. Citizens were invited to learn more about the process through a series of panels and a short presentation.

The Urban Master Plan is a very important planning tool that will guide the development of Westmount for the next 20 years in terms of housing, economy and commerce, transportation, accessibility, environmental protection, heritage preservation, etc.

“It’s the first time the City has undertaken such a large public consultation process. It’s good to bring citizens, the Administration and Council together to build a common vision for the future”, said Benoit Hurtubise, Director General of the City of Westmount.

All the information presented at the January 29th meeting is available here!

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