Imagine Westmount Southeast

Special Planning Programme


Imagine the future of Westmount’s southeast!

A Special Planning Programme (SPP) allows the City to amend its existing Urban Planning Programme. This project in particular will lead to the adoption of a guide that outlines urban planning directives for a specific sector, allowing us to reimagine Westmount’s southeast.

Westmount’s Planning Programme sets the direction for the planning and development of our City, acting as a guide for zoning, site planning and architectural integration programmes, and other by-laws. It sets the framework for the conservation, and in some cases, the redevelopment of neighbourhoods, streets, buildings, and open spaces.

This SPP will be a catalyst for revitalizing the southeast sector of Westmount. Citizen participation will be instrumental to its success.

Participatory phases, including a survey and public consultations, will punctuate the project, and will provide a forum for the opinions and ideas of those who live and work in the area.

The targeted area in the southeast sector is limited by Sherbrooke Street to the north, Atwater Avenue to the east, Dorchester Boulevard to the south and Wood Avenue to the west. It also includes the area between Sainte-Catherine Street and Dorchester Boulevard from their junction at the west until Wood Avenue at the east.







  • Summer 2023

    Project announcement
    Announcement of the intention for a Special Planning Programme.

  • Fall 2023

    Call for tenders
    Publishing of a call for tenders for the SPP.

  • Winter 2024

    Projet kickoff
    The SPP is launched with the services of Lemay.

  • Spring 2024

    Participatory stage
    Launch of the online platform, public consultation and survey.

  • Fall 2024

    Public presentation
    Public presentation of the SPP before final submission.

  • Summer 2025*

    Adoption of the SPP
    The date may vary depending on previous stages.


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