Westmount Park is a favourite nature area in our City for walkers and cyclists. But many of the pathways are in poor condition due to deteriorating materials and stormwater drainage problems. Some paths are also too narrow to be safe and accessible.

To improve mobility and promote a smoother and safer flow for users, it is planned to:

  • Revise the structure and redesign the pathways with sustainable materials, in harmony with the park’s natural and historic setting
  • Add a pedestrian path along the bike path
  • Develop a scenic trail near the pond
  • Construct a small wooden footbridge near the pond that would connect two trails
  • Revamp the existing Lansdowne Lane
  • Implement a new and better stormwater drainage system

Whether by bike, on foot, in a wheelchair, alone or with the family, the park should be an open, accessible and safe space for all to discover in all seasons.

Redesign and classification of pathways

Redesign of the bike path

Contemplative path near the pond

Contemplative path
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