Westmount Park is a great environment to relax and unwind with family and friends. The rest areas must be designed to allow users to read, stroll or simply rest in the shade or in the sun while taking advantage of the bucolic and enchanting setting of the site.

To preserve and enhance the park’s vocation, it is planned to:

  • Create a public plaza on the roof of the Recreation Centre that is accessible to everyone
  • Create a mixture of vegetation on the roof that will encourage biodiversity and enhance the ecological
    qualities of the building
  • Reconfigure the concrete area where the shuffleboard and training facilities are located
  • Retain the training equipment and create a relaxing area near the pond with new urban furniture
  • Create a viewing area near the pond behind the comfort station building
  • Replace the benches and garbage cans

For those who enjoy peace, quiet and nature, Westmount Park will continue to be a focal point in the City.

Redesign of the Recreation Centre roof 

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