Lexington and Devon : safer, greener, nicer

As part fof its capital investment strategy, the City of Westmount will proceed in 2022 with the reconstruction of Lexington and Devon Avenues between Lexington and Summit Crescent. The project includes reconstruction of the sidewalks, the roadway, the street lighting and underground infrastructure. Result: safer, greener, nicer avenues!

Changes approved by City Council
July 2022

Removal of 3 bump-outs at the corner of Lexington and Devon.
No impact on the overall schedule as presented further down the page.

Project objectives

  • Rehabilitate underground infrastructure
  • Review the geometry in accordance with the objectives set out in the City’s planning documents
  • Apply traffic calming measures
  • Review the allotment of space between active and vehicular modes of travel
  • Secure pedestrian movements
  • Increase green spaces


(before reconstruction)

  • Wide intersections encourage speeding among motorists
  • Wide intersections create large impermeable surfaces
  • Length of the crossing puts pedestrians and cyclists at risk
  • Low use of on-street parking and seasonal parking ban on the east side of Lexington

2022 Final Design

  • Consideration of comments received as part of the survey
  • Improvement of the living environment will be reflected in the property assessments
  • Increase in green space area (± 769 m2)
  • Tree planting, canopy increase (addition of ±20 trees)
  • Reduction of heat island effect
  • Runoff reduction, improving sustainable water management
  • Traffic calming measures resulting in decreased noise and fuel consumption
  • Improvement of the offering of sustainable mobility which increases the feeling of safety
  • Improvement of the urban experience of the street

Information Meeting on the Project
and Final Design
March 10, 2022

In this document, you will find everything you need to know about the project, as well as the 2022 final design concept.

Consult the presentation document

Project steps

  • Dec. 2021 - Jan. 2022

    Consult the report.

  • March 10 2022

    Information Meeting
    Presentation on the final design concept.

  • March 17 2022

    Call for tender
    Launch of the public tender.

  • May 2022

    Start of the work
    Start of construction operations week of May 23rd

  • May 23rd to mid-August

    Phase 1
    Construction operations on Lexington, from Edgehill to Shorncliffe

  • End of June to mid-August

    Phase 2
    Construction operations on Devon, from Lexington to Summit Crescent

  • Mid-August to end of Oct.

    Phase 3
    Construction operations on Lexington, from Shorncliffe to the North-Limit

  • Summer 2023

    Project finalisation
    Tree planting and landscaping. Project delivery planned for late summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Underground infrastructure work must be undertaken. Therefore, the City must also reconstruct the roadway. Lexington Avenue's configuration is inconsistent with current urban planning standards and the City's sustainable development objectives. The large intersections encourage speeding, the long crosswalks are dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists and large impervious surfaces overload the sewer system. We need to rebuild the street with changes to its configuration to discourage speeding among drivers, improve pedestrian safety and increase green space in the area, all in accordance with current standards and the City's Urban Master Plan.
Between Shorncliff Avenue and the end of Lexington Avenue, there are currently two lanes of traffic and two lanes of parking. This exclusively residential area is sparsely populated and most residences have private parking spaces. There is a relative surplus of parking. The traffic lanes, on the other hand, are too narrow according to current standards. For this reason, we can't rebuild the road exactly as it was. We have to eliminate one of the parking lanes. The traffic lanes and sidewalks will be slightly wider, for safe pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Lexington between Shorncliff and Edgehill is one of the widest segments of the City. The current configuration encourages speeding traffic at the expense of pedestrians' security. As with the north side, there are also two lanes of traffic and two lanes of parking. Parking on the east side of the street is already prohibited 4 months of the year, but there is still plenty of parking available. In keeping with the objectives of the Master Plan, best practices and feedback received, it is appropriate to reconfigure Lexington Avenue to reduce the speed of traffic, encourage pedestrian movements and add greenery. The east side parking lane will be removed, the sidewalks will be widened, the two lanes of traffic will be slightly reduced to the usual dimensions, and green space will be added to the street.
The change in configuration, including a reduction in the width of the intersections on Lexington Avenue, is intended to discourage speeding and provide a safer pedestrian environment. Replacing the asphalt with projections, green strips and a bioretention area will improve the absorption of rainwater and reduce the load on the sewer system.
This is a true reconstruction of the road and not a simple repaving. It is a long-lasting intervention that consists of removing the asphalt, but also the foundation of the roadway and then rebuilding the whole. As with any road construction project, there will be inconvenience and nuisance to nearby residents and drivers during the construction phase. The City of Westmount will make every effort to minimize these inconveniences and maintain open communication with affected residents.