A place of fun, discovery and socialization, the park plays an important role in the development of many children in the community. It allows them to meet and play safely in a natural setting in the heart of the City.

To enhance the playfulness of the park while respecting the natural environment, it is planned to:

  • Expand the play area while reducing the hard surfaces (concrete)
  • Add natural elements inspired by the forest (logs, rocks) to encourage free play
  • Replace the wading pool near the corner of Melville and Sherbrooke with a new splash pad located closer to the play area, and further away from the streets for added safety for children
  • Construct hard benches for adults to relax and watch the children
  • Build a berm between the pathway and the playground to create a natural barrier between the two

The laughter, joy and fun of children playing and enjoying the natural environment is part of what really brings the park to life.

Play area

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