First phase of the restoration underway

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Westmount’s heritage Conservatory was closed in September 2015 for safety reasons due to a problem with its roof. Since that time, two studies have been carried out to help plan an appropriate repair and restoration of this unique structure.

Following City Council approval on February 19, the City issued a public tender for professional services in preparation of the work needed to restore the historic Conservatory and Pond House. The mandate will include, among other things, the analysis of the site and buildings, as well as the preparation of a restoration strategy and of the specifications required to carry out the work.

The tenders will be evaluated in April and awarded in May 2018. Among the priorities listed are the preservation of the building’s heritage architecture, the interior floor plan, universal accessibility, sustainability and a maintenance strategy.

The tender follows the recommendations of a 2017 study that confirmed the integrity of the foundation and the use of weather-resistant Accoya wood in the restoration of the glass structure.

The second phase of the project will involve the adjacent production greenhouses, also currently closed to the public. A needs analysis and study is now underway to establish the future of the complex of production houses.

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