Westmount Park is in the heart of the City, but its access points are not emphasized. The wading pool at the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Melville Avenue is one such access point that is in poor condition.

To enhance the park entrances, it is planned to:

  • Widen the pathway from the Sherbrooke Street entrance and reconfigure it to go around the playground
  • Create a round-about with a bench that will become a landmark near the Public Library and the bus stop
  • Replacing the two paths facing Melville Avenue with a single elevated path that will create a natural barrier between the soccer field and the bike path
  • Create a symbolic entry point at the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Melville Avenue by replacing the wading pool with a fountain commemorating the former sailboat pond

The enhancement of the various access points will help to make the park more visible and create gathering points and landmarks.

Commemorative fountain

Sherbrooke Street entrance

Melville Avenue entrance

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