Devon Park

A redesigned green space and a new play structure
to better meet the needs of the neighbourhood and the community

About the Project

Devon Park is located between Upper Lansdowne and Upper Belmont Avenues. Its rustic appearance, slopes and mature trees are in keeping with its location near the summit. The Park includes a playground and a tennis court, which is used as a skating rink in winter. The current layout of the park dates from 1949. Some parts of the park now require to be redesigned. The playground structures are also showing advanced signs of deterioration.

In order to preserve this green space and continue to provide a playground that is highly appreciated by the neighbourhood and the community, the City of Westmount will undertake a redesign of the park and replace the play structure with a new one that is safer and in harmony with the topography of the park. Work is scheduled to begin in September 2022 and be completed in the spring of 2023.

More information on this project will be added to this page soon. Stay tuned.

Design plan