Reconstruction of Grosvenor Avenue

Reconstruction of a portion of Grosvenor Avenue (between The Boulevard and Westmount Avenue).

About the Project

A project to rebuild the main aqueduct conduit under Grosvenor Avenue in 2023 presents the opportunity to address a number of infrastructure improvements in a concentrated area.

First, it is relevant to note that the section of Grosvenor Avenue between The Boulevard and Westmount Avenue touches a school zone. In the context of increased collisions in school zones overall, the City of Westmount is taking preventative action and introducing safer street design. Concretely, in the case of this project, this translates as the integration of permanent traffic calming measures to encourage pedestrian safety.

Second, the construction project will allow for reconstruction of the water main conduit, along with the replacement of all the household water service connections on public domain. The project also allows for reconstruction of the underground Hydro-Westmount infrastructure. Finally, it is an opportune moment to rebuild the street and sidewalks with improved design that addresses traffic mitigation and safety for all.

As part of Westmount’s Capital Works Programme, this project offers solutions in terms of safety, greening and sustainable development . Solutions for the benefit of the community. Consult the project details below.

Project Components

Reconstruction of underground infrastructure

  • 395 linear meters of aqueducts to be replaced.
  • 55 water services to be replaced onto property line.
  • Relocation of a fire hydrant and Installation of an additional fire hydrant.
  • Installation of a flusher hydrant.
  • Installation of a sewer manhole and of catch basins.
Remplacement d'aqueduc / Aqueduct replacement
Hydro Westmount

Hydro Westmount Infrastructure

  • 12 lamp bases and Washington standards to be installed.
  • 1 underground manhole chamber to be reconstructed.
  • 60 linear meters of street lighting conduits to be reconstructed.
  • 280 linear meters of street lighting conduits to be cleaned and repaired.
  • 120 linear meters of electrical distribution network conduits to be reconstructed.

Road Reconstruction

  • Multiple speed reduction measures distributed uniformly throughout the street block.
  • Bump-out at Westmount Avenue intersection to reduce pedestrian crossing time and increase visibility.
  • Planted roadway narrowing in order to discourage mid-block crossing.
  • Improved definition of traffic and parking lanes.
  • 2 metre wide sidewalks along the entire street, particularly important in the school zone.

Events and important dates

  • Anticipated work period: mid-May to the end of October 2023
  • Publication of the public tender: March 9, 2023
  • Public information session: June 29, 2023, 6 p.m., via ZOOM

News and updates

Updates will be posted as the project evolves.

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