Temporary Public Spaces: Westmount all-out in the summer!


The City of Westmount reimagines its public spaces in the summer to enliven local arteries and increase the number of convivial public areas. These temporary installations will be in place until the fall of 2023 or until further notice. These projects allow the City of Westmount to respond to the diverse needs of the community while trying out some planning ideas to bring us closer to a human-scale city.

Many benefits for the community

  • Revitalization of the public space
  • Promotion of active transportation
  • Incentives for motorists to slow down
  • Greening
  • Commercial attractiveness

3 spaces

Victoria Village Public Terraces

Greene Avenue Pedestrian Area

De Maisonneuve Pedestrian Area

Data collection

Temporary public spaces sprang up in Westmount in the summer of 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Confinement, physical distancing, and the closure of dining and retail spaces contributed to an increased need for public space. In 2022, the City surveyed the community to assess how well the temporary public spaces project had been meeting the needs of the public and local merchants.

Consult the Survey Results - SummaryConsult the Survey Results - Full

A Popular, Evolving Project

  • Overall, 7 in 10 people are generally satisfied with the public spaces.
  • Availability of nearby parking is the only factor with a relatively lower satisfaction score.
  • More than two thirds of Victoria Village merchants wish to see the project continued.
  • Responding to the lower satisfaction of Greene Avenue merchants, this space has been redesigned for 2023.
  • In total, 8 out of 10 people hope to see the public terraces return in 2023.

Interactive map

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